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If you are not sure what, clothing size fits your body measurements, you should do the measuring! With the help of the tables, you can measure your desired items in order to select the right size and.

For taking measurements:

Measure always close to the body, because the dimensions in the table are pure "body size". Let us help you measure by a second person, then it is more accurate.
The range of motion is already included in the garment, but varies depending on quality, fashion and fit of the article. Your measurements lie between two sizes, just order the larger.

Sweaters & Shirts

Measure your chest over the fullest part of chest, horizontally around the body.


Measure your neck size below the larynx loosely around the neck. The order size for shirts corresponds to your neck size in inches. Example: 42cm >> Size L

Chest in cm Order Size Shirt Collar Size in cm (D, CH, A) Underwear
 90-93  S  37  4
 94-97  S  38  4
 98-101  M  39  5
 102-105  M  40  5
 106-109  L  41  6
 110-113  L  42  6
 114-117  XL  43  7
 118-120  XL  44  7
 121-126  XXL  45/46  8
127-132 3XL  47/48  9
133-138 4XL not available! not available!
139-144 5XL not available! not available!
145-150 6XL not available! not available!
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